Dark Kasperle
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It is always a pleasure speak with Alexandar, here in this interview he will explain to us his new project named "Dark Kasperle"; a weird and unusual puppet theater...

Ciao Alex and welcome back to Alone Music Webzine! So let’s begin…Can You tell us something about new Lola record?
Fifth of October will bring the Dark kasperle Double-CD/DVD Release. It's really about time for! There's also a good few Lola Angst Songs done by now, some more in progress. Means, we will see a regular Lola Angst release soon too. But first the Kasperle and us are looking forward to the release of that. It's the best Kasperle-CD Lola Angst ever did! haha.

I have noticed that You are working on a new project; how the idea of a puppet show was born?
Some years ago we cancelled the Ballett Project Schwarzwald after just one show, due to far too many discussions with most of the dozen of dancers. That was when the decision came to mind: Forget the dancers, we will do a puppet show. Puppets don't complain.

Alex I know You, and You are a person who likes to provoke, which kind of themes do You treat?
All is in: religion, sex and violence! A good few people misunderstood it, plenty of others had fun. Seems much better to me than to bore everyone to death.

Did You made puppet by Yourself?
We tried once and they even looked okay, but the very next day with drying they just fell to pieces. The girls are doing a better job now, they know how to handle all the materials and the puppets look close enough to what we've been telling them how they should look like.

Are there any reactions of the musicians so far? Does everyone get that it's just a puppet show, not a reality show?
Nearly everyone. We have very few complaints. Some of the artists really love “their” puppet. I guess you know that Chris Pohl was at the premier show dressed as princess and his friends with pink “Popo Guard”-Shirts. That was pretty cool. We made some pink “Hello Chrissy!”-Shirts now, by the way. Constanze, was at the Berlin show some weeks ago, laughing about “Schtanze” and all the other puppets. There's very few, just a small bunch of people, very small one, who has problems with the show. That happens easy enough if you just go for some bits of the play or some words. Here for plenty of people you are not allowed to make fun about the nazis. We don't understand that, as for many of others, you have to! It's much better to laugh than to be afraid.

Is there any of the puppets you like most and if: why?
No, they are all my children. There's one or two of them that cause more trouble than the others. Quak for example is a little devil, you always have to take care what he's saying and doing next. Nearly all the others are little angels.

Which is Your definition of "goth" nowadays?
Difficult to say. Nowadays there's so many different types of. Most of it is just for the money. We need more fresh blood. When there's only the old ones, dressing up a bit for the weekend, left, then all what makes goth vital is gone. We need people with fresh ideas, we need rebellion. You can't just do the stuff that's been done for 30 years and tell yourself: “It's all right. We always did it like that.” Goth is not a museum. It has to be alive! Sure, plenty of people are afraid of changes. I think i never was a goth .

How much is important the appearance for You?

Not really important. I try to avoid spending money on clothes. I don't like shopping.

Will You come to Italy for gigs or for puppet shows? (pleaseeee I miss Lola….)
Nothing fixed so far. If any of the really good clubs is interested: the interviewer has the mailadress!

Which kind of artist do You listen? Maybe anyone Italian?
Some years ago, signing the deal with the record label, I didn't read the contract properly, since then I'm only allowed to listen to the other Out of Line bands. Italian? Let me have a look in the Out of Line catalouge: oh, yes, there's Adriano Celentano.

A curious question away from the others: do You believe in aliens or in others life forms?
Definite. There's a lot of really strange acting people on this planet. They can't all be human!

And...a last question: if You could travel in the time, which period will You choose to go in?
Yesterday evening, 9pm. I would forget my purse at home then, end up in the bar without money, drive home sober and there would be no hangover the next day.

Thank to Mr. Goldmann who have answered to these questions with his mobile phone while driving! Hope to see this show also in Italy...for now enjoy the presentation below!